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Video Editing

If you are a video creator, you know how important it is to have captions for your videos. Captions can help you reach a wider audience, improve accessibility, and boost engagement. But creating captions manually can be time-consuming and tedious. That's why you need Zeemo, the fast AI captioning tool that can automatically generate and translate subtitles for your videos.
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Zeemo is an online application that uses advanced speech recognition and natural language processing technologies to caption your videos in 17 languages, with an accuracy rate of over 98%. You can choose from a number of dynamic styles and templates to make your captions stand out, and edit them online with ease. You can also translate your captions into 15 languages with a click, and make your videos appeal to a global audience.

Zeemo is easy to use and fast to process. You just need to upload your video file, select the language and options you want, and wait for a few minutes. Zeemo will generate subtitles for you automatically, and align them with the video timeline. You can then download the subtitle files or the video with subtitles directly.

Zeemo is the best captioning tool for video creators who want to save time and effort, and create high-quality captions for their videos. Whether you want to caption your YouTube videos, educational videos, social media videos, or any other type of video, Zeemo can help you do it quickly and easily.

Try Zeemo today and see the difference for yourself. Zeemo offers a free 30-minute prepaid card for new users, so you can test it out without any risk. You can also choose from different pricing plans based on the duration of video processed.

Zeemo is the ultimate captioning solution for video creators. Don't miss this opportunity to take your videos to the next level with Zeemo.

  • Zeemo can automatically add subtitles to videos in 17 languages with high accuracy .
  • Zeemo can also translate subtitles in 15 languages and support multi-lingual translations.
  • Zeemo has a fast online transcribing service that does not require downloads or installs.
  • Zeemo offers dynamic captions, subtitle templates, and video editing features to make videos more appealing .
  • Zeemo has a free 30-minutes prepaid card for new users and discounts for prepaid cards.
  • Zeemo may not recognize some accents, dialects, or slang words that are not common in the languages it supports.
  • Zeemo may not be able to handle videos with poor audio quality, background noise, or overlapping speech.
  • Zeemo may not be able to translate some idioms, metaphors, or cultural references accurately.
  • Zeemo may not have enough subtitle styles or fonts to suit every preference or need.
  • Zeemo may have some bugs or errors that affect its performance or functionality.

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