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f you are a data analyst who uses Metabase to create and share dashboards, you might be interested in Avanty, an AI assistant that can help you write, edit and understand SQL queries faster and easier.

IAvanty is a Chrome extension that works with Metabase and provides smart features such as:

- Generating SQL from natural language: You can type in what you want to query in plain English and Avanty will convert it into SQL code that matches your schema. For example, you can type "Top 25 creators who made the most sales 30-60 days ago, but made no sales in the past 30 days" and Avanty will generate the SQL query for you.
- Editing SQL queries: You can modify your existing SQL queries by using natural language commands. For example, you can type "add a column for average order value" or "remove the filter for country" and Avanty will update your SQL code accordingly.
- Understanding SQL queries: You can get smart AI explanations for complex queries that help you understand what they do and how they work. For example, you can hover over a query and Avanty will show you a summary of its logic, purpose and output.
- Commenting SQL queries: You can automatically add comments to your SQL code that explain what each line does and why. This makes your code more readable and maintainable for yourself and others.
- Auto-formatting SQL queries: You can make your SQL code more consistent and neat by using Avanty's auto-formatting feature. You can choose from different formatting styles and apply them to your code with one click.
- Auto-suggesting chart titles: You can save time on naming your charts when saving them in Metabase. Avanty will suggest relevant and catchy titles based on your query and data.

Avanty is designed to supercharge your Metabase workflow and make your data analysis more efficient and enjoyable. You can get started with Avanty for free with a 14-day trial  or choose from different pricing plans that suit your needs. Whether you are working solo or with a team, Avanty can help you level up your data skills and insights.

  • Avanty can generate SQL queries from natural language commands, saving time and effort for data analysts.
  • Avanty can provide smart AI explanations for complex queries, making them easier to understand and share.
  • Avanty can automatically add comments to SQL code, improving readability and documentation.
  • Avanty can auto-format SQL code and suggest chart titles when saving, enhancing the quality and presentation of data analysis.
  • Avanty can work with self-hosted Metabase instances as well as Metabase Cloud, offering flexibility and compatibility.


  • Avanty is a paid service that requires a credit card to sign up for a free trial, which might deter some potential users.
  • Avanty has a limit of 60 queries per day for some resource-intensive features, such as generating and editing SQL queries, which might not be enough for some users.
  • Avanty currently works best when the natural language commands are given in English, which might limit its usability for non-English speakers.
  • Avanty is not always 100% correct in generating or editing SQL queries, which might require manual adjustments or verification by the user.
  • Avanty is a Chrome extension that only works with Metabase, which might not suit the preferences or needs of some data analysts who use other browsers or tools.

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