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Zigpoll is a platform that allows you to create and run surveys and feedback campaigns on your website, email, or SMS. With Zigpoll, you can ask your customers quality questions using different formats, such as multiple choice, rating, or open-ended. You can also use branching logic and incentives to create engaging and rewarding interactions that reveal critical insights.
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Zigpoll helps you analyze the responses using an intuitive dashboard that shows you charts, reports, and NPS scores. You can also use Zigpoll's AI assistant to get automatic insights, trend detection, and chat interface based on your response data. Zigpoll's AI assistant is powered by GPT-4, a custom model trained on your business and data.

Zigpoll lets you target your customers at the right time using advanced rules and integrations. You can reach your customers anywhere using email, SMS, or on-site survey options. You can also customize the style and language of your surveys to match your brand and audience.

Zigpoll is trusted by thousands of brands across different industries, such as blogs, media, ecommerce, and SaaS products. Zigpoll helps you make more informed business decisions by gathering feedback from your customers at key moments.

If you want to try Zigpoll for free, you can sign up for their lite plan that gives you 100 responses per month and one team member. You can also upgrade to their paid plans that offer more features and benefits. Zigpoll is easy to install and use, and they offer support if you need any help.

Zigpoll is more than just a survey tool. It's a feedback platform that makes gathering feedback fun and rewarding for both you and your customers.

  • Easy to create and customize surveys
  • High response rate and quality feedback
  • Automatic AI insights and trend detection
  • Flexible pricing and integration options
  • Fun and rewarding feedback experience
  • Limited number of responses per month
  • No option to export or download data
  • No advanced analytics or segmentation features
  • No live chat or phone support

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