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- CaliberAI is a company that provides a tool for journalists and publishers to check their content for legal risks and ethical issues. - The tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze the content and flag potential problems such as defamation, privacy breaches, hate speech, bias, and misinformation.
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- The tool also provides suggestions and feedback on how to improve the content and avoid legal troubles or reputational damage.
- The tool can be integrated with various platforms and workflows, such as WordPress, Google Docs, Slack, and email.
- The tool aims to help journalists and publishers create high-quality and trustworthy content that meets the standards of their audiences and regulators.

  •  It can protect your online brand from legal risks and reputational damage.
  •  It can scan articles, comments, and social media posts for potential defamation and harm before or after publication.
  •  It can integrate with your browser, CMS, or social media platforms and provide real-time feedback and editing assistance .
  •  It can customize its AI to suit your organization's risk tolerance and ethical standards .

  •  It is currently an invitational tool and not widely available to the public.
  •  It may not be able to detect all forms of defamation and harm, especially in different languages, contexts, and cultures.
  •  It may raise some ethical and legal issues regarding the use of AI for content moderation and censorship.
  •  It may not be affordable or accessible for small or independent publishers or individuals.

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