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Darrow AI

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Darrow AI
Darrow is a software company that uses artificial intelligence to scan public data and detect legal violations by businesses that harm millions of people. Darrow partners with lawyers to bring justice to the victims and hold the wrongdoers accountable.

Darrow's platform works by scanning data from various sources, such as social media, news outlets, court records, financial information, and more. Darrow's AI analyzes the data and connects the dots to find evidence of harmful events, such as air pollution, privacy breaches, defective products, and more. Darrow then delivers robust cases with insights and intelligence reports to help lawyers decide whether to take on the case and how to win it.

Darrow was founded in 2020 and is based in New York and Tel Aviv. Darrow has raised $24 million in funding from investors such as F2 Venture Capital, Entrée Capital, NFX, and Y-Combinator. Darrow's mission is to do the future justice by using data to uncover business crime and protect people's rights.

  • Darrow scans publicly available data to detect legal violations that harm millions of people .
  • Darrow helps lawyers make better decisions and take on more cases by providing data-driven insights and intelligence reports.
  • Darrow partners with top-tier litigators to bring justice to millions of victims.
  • Darrow has raised $24 million in investments from leading venture capital firms.
  • Darrow has a diverse and talented team of experts in software development, data science, and law.
  • Darrow may face legal challenges or ethical issues from the companies or individuals that it exposes.
  • Darrow may not be able to detect all legal violations or guarantee the outcome of the cases it generates.
  • Darrow may have limited access or reliability of some data sources that it scans.
  • Darrow may have competitors or rivals that offer similar or better services.
  • Darrow may have technical difficulties or bugs that affect its performance or accuracy.

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