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Legal Assistant

Casetext is a company that offers a revolutionary AI legal assistant called CoCounsel. CoCounsel can help lawyers with various tasks such as legal research, document review, deposition preparation, and contract analysis. CoCounsel uses GPT-4, the latest natural language processing technology, to deliver fast and reliable results. CoCounsel can save lawyers time and money, and improve the quality of their work.
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Paid plans start from $90/mo

In this blog post, I will introduce some of the features and benefits of CoCounsel, and how it can transform the way lawyers practice law. Whether you are a solo practitioner, a big firm lawyer, or an in-house counsel, CoCounsel can help you achieve more with less effort.

  • Casetext offers CoCounsel, an AI legal assistant that can perform tasks such as document review, legal research memos, deposition preparation, and contract analysis in minutes .
  • Pro: Casetext is trusted by over 10,000 law firms, including solo and small practices, Am Law 100 firms, and in-house legal departments .
  • Casetext has a team of experts with backgrounds in law, technology, and academia, and has been recognized by the ABA for its innovation .
  • Casetext requires a subscription to access its full features and services, which may not be affordable for some users .
  • Casetext may not cover all the cases and jurisdictions that users need, and may not be updated with the latest developments in the law .

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