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Legal Assistant

If you are a legal professional, you know how tedious and time-consuming it can be to manage contracts. You have to draft, review, approve, sign, store, and analyze hundreds or thousands of contracts, often using different tools and systems that don't work well together. You also have to deal with complex legal language, compliance issues, and changing business needs.

That's why you need LinkSquares, the AI-powered contract management platform that takes your legal team into the 22nd century. LinkSquares is a one-stop solution for all your contracting needs, from pre-signature to post-signature. It helps you streamline your contract workflow, reduce risk, boost revenue, and gain insights into every contract.

Here are some of the features and benefits of LinkSquares:

- Draft: Quickly craft, review, and approve agreements using customizable templates and dynamic workflows. You can also use LinkSquares Clause Library to build a repository of standard contract clauses from your existing documents or third-party contracts.
- Sign: Set up documents in seconds with a seamless interface, then execute your contracts in an instant with LinkSquares Sign, the built-in e-signature solution. You can also integrate LinkSquares with Salesforce, SharePoint, and other platforms to speed up contracting and data synchronization.
- Manage: Extract data, reduce risk, boost revenue, and gain AI-powered insights into every contract with LinkSquares Analyze. You can access all your contracts and data in one place, with advanced OCR and encryption for security. You can also report in real-time across your entire legal portfolio and get alerts for key dates and obligations.

LinkSquares is trusted by more than 700 legal teams at mid-to-large companies, including Commvault, Fitbit, and Wayfair. It has a personalized onboarding process, a dedicated specialist for each customer, and a fast implementation time of as little as 30 days.

If you want to modernize your legal team and take your contract management to the next level, you should check out LinkSquares today. You can schedule a demo on their website (https://linksquares.com/) and see for yourself how LinkSquares can transform the way you do contracting.


- It offers a comprehensive contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution that covers drafting, signing, analyzing, and storing contracts in one platform .
- It uses advanced AI to extract key data from contracts, generate insights, and speed up the contracting process .
- It integrates with popular tools like Salesforce, SharePoint, and e-signature solutions to streamline workflows and data exchange.
- It provides a clause library to standardize contract language and reuse clauses from existing documents.
- It has a personalized onboarding process, a dedicated specialist, and a secure cloud storage for each customer.



- It may not be compatible with some legacy systems or formats that are not supported by its optical character recognition (OCR) technology.
- It may require some training and adjustment for legal teams to adopt its AI-powered features and interface.
- It may not be affordable for small businesses or startups that have limited budget or contract volume.
- It may not be able to handle complex or customized contracts that require human expertise or negotiation.
- It may face competition from other CLM providers that offer similar or better features or pricing.

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