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Glass Health is a company that provides a digital notebook for doctors. It is designed to help doctors learn, organize, and curate medical knowledge.
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 Glass Health uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assist doctors with diagnosis and clinical decision making. Glass Health was founded in 2021 by Dereck Paul, MD and Graham Ramsey. They are based in San Francisco and are part of Y Combinator's W23 batch. Glass Health aims to empower clinicians with frictionless software for learning and practicing medicine.

  •  It uses AI to assist clinicians with differential diagnosis, evidence-based treatment, and documentation.
  •  It allows clinicians to create and organize their own digital notebooks with medical knowledge.
  •  It is tailored to the way doctors learn, organize, and curate medical knowledge.

  •  It is still in development and may not cover all medical topics or scenarios.
  •  It does not replace clinician judgment and should always be supervised.
  •  It may not be accessible or affordable for all clinicians or patients.

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