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Video Generator

InVideo is an online platform that allows you to create and edit professional quality videos for various purposes. Whether you want to make social media ads, promos, educational videos, or personal projects, InVideo has everything you need to get started.
Paid plans start from $15/mo

With InVideo, you can choose from over 5000 customizable video templates that cover different industries and themes. You can also access a stock media library with more than 8 million resources from iStock, Shutterstock, and Storyblocks. You can drag and drop your own media files as well and edit them with features like trim, crop, rotate, speed, transitions, text, stickers, voiceover, and more.

InVideo also lets you add effects like masks, overlays, and animations to make your videos more engaging and dynamic. You can use color correction tools to adjust the brightness, saturation, exposure, and hue of your footage. You can also add music and voiceovers from Audioblocks or record your own narration.

InVideo is easy to use and offers real-time previews and ultrafast rendering. You can create videos up to 40 minutes long and export them in HD quality. You can also collaborate with your team members and share your videos online.

InVideo is a free online video editor that can help you unleash your creativity and power your business with stunning videos. You can sign up for free and start making videos today!

  •  It has 5000+ easy-to-edit templates for various video types and purposes.
  •  It offers a free online video editor with many features and effect
  •  It integrates with stock media and music libraries from iStock, Shutterstock, Storyblocks and Audioblocks.
  •  It allows collaboration and feedback with team members on video projects.
  •  It has real-time preview and ultrafast rendering for quick video creation and sharing.


  •  It has a limit of 40 minutes for video length and 100 GB for media files.
  •  It requires an internet connection to use the online video editor and access the stock resources.
  •  It may not have advanced editing tools or options for professional video makers.
  •  It may have compatibility issues with some devices or browsers.
  •  It may have a learning curve for beginners or non-tech savvy users.

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