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Intellimize is a platform that helps marketers optimize their websites and deliver personalized experiences to their visitors. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically test and adapt different website variations based on each visitor's behavior, preferences, and context. Intellimize claims to be faster, more flexible, and more scalable than traditional A/B testing or rules-based personalization tools.
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Some of the features and benefits of Intellimize include:

- No code required: Marketers can use a visual editor to create and launch experiments without any coding or IT involvement.
- Continuous conversion: Intellimize uses generative AI to continuously learn from each visitor's actions and show the best website variation for each individual.
- Unlimited variations: Marketers can test as many ideas as they want, without waiting for statistical significance or worrying about traffic allocation.
- Copy suggestions: Intellimize can generate relevant and engaging copy variations based on the marketer's input, using natural language processing (NLP).
- Flexible goals: Marketers can set different optimization goals for different pages, such as clicks, sign-ups, purchases, or engagement.
- Audience insights: Intellimize provides detailed reports on how different website variations perform for different segments of visitors, such as location, device, source, or behavior.
- Google Analytics integration: Marketers can easily track and measure the impact of Intellimize on their website conversions using Google Analytics 4.

Intellimize works with any website platform and integrates with popular marketing tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Drift, and more. It also supports cookieless personalization and privacy compliance.

Intellimize has helped leading brands such as Drift, Mercari, Dermalogica, Looker, and Unbounce increase their website conversions by up to 40% or more. It offers a free demo and a personalized consultation for interested marketers who want to see how Intellimize can improve their website performance.

  • Intellimize is an AI-driven website personalization and conversion rate optimization platform that enables marketers to convert more traffic.
  • Intellimize offers a no code WYSIWYG visual editor to easily set up and run website experiments with unlimited variations.
  • Intellimize supports different testing methods, such as AI-driven Continuous Conversion™, A/B testing, and rules-based personalization, all within a single platform.
  • Intellimize requires a sitewide optimization goal and page goals to drive valuable page level engagement, which may not align with every business objective.
  • Intellimize relies on cookies to track visitors and deliver personalized experiences, which may raise privacy concerns or be blocked by browsers.

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