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Audio Editing

If you are a music lover, you might have wondered how to separate the vocals from the instruments in a song, or how to isolate a specific instrument track. Maybe you want to remix a song, create a karaoke version, or transcribe the lyrics or chords. Whatever your goal is, you need a tool that can split audio files into different stems.
Paid plans start from $30/mo

One such tool is LALAL.AI, a next-generation vocal remover and music source separation service that uses artificial intelligence to extract up to 10 stems from any audio or video file. LALAL.AI is based on a state-of-the-art neural network called Phoenix, which was trained on 20TB of data and can handle any genre and style of music.

LALAL.AI is very easy to use. You just need to upload your file, choose the stems you want to extract, and wait for the processing to finish. You can then preview and download the stems in high-quality MP3 or WAV format. You can also adjust the processing level from mild to aggressive to fine-tune the results.

LALAL.AI offers different packages for different needs. You can start with the Starter package, which allows you to split up to 10 minutes of audio for free, but you cannot download the stems. If you want to download the stems, you can choose the Lite package, which gives you 90 minutes of audio splitting for $10, or the Plus package, which gives you 300 minutes for $20. You can also get a custom package if you need more minutes or features.

LALAL.AI is not only a vocal remover and instrumental splitter. It can also extract drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, wind instruments, and string instruments from any song. This makes it a powerful tool for musicians, producers, DJs, remixers, transcribers, and anyone who works with audio and video.

LALAL.AI also offers business solutions for websites, services, and applications that need stem splitting capabilities. You can integrate LALAL.AI into your environment via API and access its features programmatically. You can also customize the interface and branding of LALAL.AI to suit your needs.

LALAL.AI is constantly improving its technology and adding new features. It supports multiple languages and payment methods and has a desktop version for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It also has a noise cancellation solution called Voice Cleaner that can remove background noises from audio and video recordings.

If you want to try LALAL.AI for yourself, you can visit their website and upload your file. You will be amazed by how well it can split audio files into different stems. LALAL.AI is the ultimate tool for vocal removal and music source separation.

  • It can extract vocal, instrumental and various instruments from any audio and video.
  • It uses a high-quality stem splitting based on the world's #1 AI-powered technology.
  • It has a new Phoenix algorithm that provides cleaner results with fewer artifacts.
  • It can also remove background noise and music from voice recordings.
  • It offers different packages and processing levels to suit different needs and budgets .
  • It is not a free service and requires payment to download the full stems .
  • It may not work well with some genres or types of music that have complex or overlapping sounds.
  • It does not support batch processing or offline mode.
  • It may have some legal or ethical issues regarding the use of the extracted stems for commercial or personal purposes.
  • It has some competitors that offer similar or better features and quality.

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