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General Writing

NeuroSpell is not just a checker, but a corrector that can automatically suggest and apply changes to the text. It can also provide guidance and feedback on the quality and style of the text, as well as detect and highlight named entities such as persons, places or acronyms.

NeuroSpell is a universal auto-corrector that uses deep learning to improve and enrich text streams in more than 30 languages. It can correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, flexions, elisions, confusions and other errors that traditional checkers may miss. It can also handle non-native errors, domain-specific vocabulary and phrasing, and machine-specific errors such as speech-to-text or OCR.

NeuroSpell is available online at https://neurospell.com/ where you can test it for free on any text or use the dictaphone feature to convert speech to text. You can also contact the developers at cub [AI]x for more information on how to deploy NeuroSpell on-premise or train it on your specific data and needs.

  • It can improve the quality and readability of text streams in various contexts and applications.
  • It can handle complex flexions, elisions, and language-specific confusions that are often missed by rule-based checkers.
  • It can correct non-native errors and provide guidance for better writing.
  • It may not be able to detect all errors or suggest the best corrections in some cases.
  • It may require a large amount of data and computational resources to train and run the neural models.
  • It may not be compatible with some third-party software or platforms that have their own spell checkers.

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