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Olvy Changelogs

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Olvy Changelogs
If you are looking for a way to create and share changelogs for your products, you might want to check out Olvy. Olvy is a platform that helps you communicate your product updates to your customers and users in a simple and engaging way.
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Paid plans start from $24/mo.

What is a changelog?

A changelog is a document that records the changes made to a product over time. It can include new features, bug fixes, improvements, and other updates that affect the user experience. A changelog helps users understand what's new and what's changed in your product, and why they should care.

Why use Olvy?

Olvy makes it easy to create and manage changelogs for your products. You can use Olvy to:

- Write beautiful changelogs with rich formatting and media
- Publish your changelogs on your own domain or embed them on your website
- Notify your users about new updates via email, push notifications, or in-app messages
- Collect feedback and reactions from your users on your changelogs
- Analyze how your changelogs perform and improve user engagement

How to get started with Olvy?

Getting started with Olvy is simple and fast. You can sign up for a free account and connect your product in minutes. You can then start writing your first changelog and customize it to match your brand. You can also integrate Olvy with your favorite tools like GitHub, Slack, Zapier, and more.

Olvy is a powerful and flexible platform that can help you create amazing changelogs for your products. Whether you are a solo developer, a small team, or a large company, Olvy can help you communicate better with your users and grow your product. Try it out today and see the difference!

  • You can create beautiful and effective in-app widgets to announce your product updates to your users. You can choose from different widget styles, such as sidebar, modal, popup, or embed.
  • You can also create a standalone page for your changelog, where you can showcase all your product updates and enhancements. You can customize the domain, the appearance, and the SEO settings of your changelog page.
  • You can write and edit your releases using a rich release editor that supports AI, custom CSS, and integrations with project management tools. You can also categorize your releases into different projects and categories.
  • You can get user feedback and reactions on your releases, and analyze them with built-in analytics and sentiment analysis. You can also identify your users and their metadata, and communicate with them via automated emails or 1:1 notifications.
  • You can use Olvy APIs to build your own UIs for your changelogs, while Olvy manages your releases behind the scenes.

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