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Social Media Assistant

Postwise is a tool that helps you write better tweets, schedule them easily and grow your following on Twitter. It uses artificial intelligence to generate engaging and relevant content for your audience, based on your topic and preferences. Whether you are a personal brand, an entrepreneur, an author or a marketer, Postwise can help you create tweets that get noticed and drive traffic to your website or product.
starts from $29/mo

Postwise has a simple and clean interface that lets you write your tweets in a notepad-like editor. You can also use Postwise's GrowthTools suite to optimize your tweets for maximum reach and engagement. Postwise will suggest the best hashtags, emojis, images and call-to-actions for your posts. You can also see how your tweets perform with Postwise's analytics dashboard.

Postwise offers two pricing plans: Basic and Boss. The Basic plan costs $29 per month (paid annually) and allows you to connect unlimited accounts and schedule posts for up to 6 months. The Boss plan costs $49 per month (paid annually) and includes everything in the Basic plan plus unlimited scheduling. You can try Postwise for free for one week and see how it improves your Twitter game.

If you want to learn more about Postwise, you can visit their website at https://postwise.ai/ or sign up with Twitter to get started.

  •  It offers a simple and clean interface for writing tweets and threads
  •  It uses AI to suggest topics, headlines and hashtags based on the user's niche
  •  It has a GrowthTools suite that helps users increase their followers and engagement
  •  It has a transparent and affordable pricing plan with unlimited accounts
  •  It has a free trial option and a money-back guarantee

  • It only works with Twitter and not other social media platforms
  •  It may not be suitable for users who prefer more creative control over their content
  •  It may not be able to capture the user's unique voice and style
  •  It may require some editing and proofreading before posting
  •  It may not work well with complex or controversial topics

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