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Social Media Assistant

If you are looking for a way to create stunning social media posts in seconds, you might want to check out Predis.ai. Predis.ai is an AI-powered social media marketing tool that helps you generate ready-to-publish content in your brand language.
Freemium Free Trial
Paid plans start from $20/mo

Here are some of the features and benefits of using Predis.ai:

- You can choose from 18+ languages for input and output, and seamlessly integrate with platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, GMB and TikTok.
- You can generate social ready posts from your ideas, e-commerce products or ask Predis to think of ideas for you. You can also select from different types of posts, such as single image, carousel or reels.
- You can customize your posts with your brand assets and colors, and use 2000+ template options to create eye-catching designs. You can also get caption and hashtag recommendations from Predis.ai.
- You can use the inbuilt publisher to schedule and publish your posts to multiple platforms at once. You can also track your performance and analytics with Predis.ai.

Predis.ai is loved by 90,000+ entrepreneurs, marketers and content creators who use it to communicate better on social media. You can try it for free for 30 posts with no credit card required. Just visit predis.ai and get started in 5 minutes!

  •  Predis.ai is an AI-powered social media content creation tool that can generate ready-to-publish posts in seconds.
  • Predis.ai supports 18+ languages and can integrate with multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, GMB and TikTok.
  •  Predis.ai offers a variety of templates, media libraries and brand assets to customize the posts according to the user's preferences .
  •  Predis.ai provides content strategy analysis, content and hashtag recommendations to help the user optimize their social media presence .
  •  Predis.ai has a free plan that allows the user to create 30 posts without a credit card.


  • Predis.ai may not be able to capture the user's unique voice and tone as well as a human content creator.
  •  Predis.ai may generate posts that are inaccurate, irrelevant or inappropriate for the user's niche or audience.
  •  Predis.ai may have limited functionality or compatibility with some platforms or devices.
  •  Predis.ai may have technical issues or bugs that affect the user's experience or results.
  •  Predis.ai may have privacy or security risks that expose the user's data or content to unauthorized parties.

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