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Mirage is a company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help creatives design 3D assets and scenes. Mirage's AI can generate realistic and high-quality 3D models based on natural language prompts or sketches. For example, you can enter a prompt like "a medieval castle on a hill" or draw a rough outline of a building, and Mirage's AI will create a 3D asset that matches your description or sketch.
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Mirage's AI is powered by state-of-the-art generative models that can learn from large datasets of 3D shapes and textures. Mirage's AI can also adapt to different styles and domains, such as fantasy, sci-fi, or realistic. Mirage's AI can also handle complex scenes with multiple objects and interactions.

Mirage's goal is to democratize 3D content creation and make it accessible to anyone who has a creative vision. Mirage believes that AI can enhance human creativity and enable new forms of expression and storytelling. Mirage offers a web-based platform where you can request access to use their AI greyboxing tool. You can also explore their tutorial showcase to see some examples of what their AI can do.

Mirage is also committed to building a community of 3D enthusiasts and innovators. They have a blog where they share insights and updates on their technology and vision. They also have a Minecraft server where you can join and play with their AI-generated 3D assets.

  •  Mirage allows users to create 3D designs using AI and natural language prompts.
  •  Mirage gives users complete control over the AI-generated designs with a 3D canvas and editing tools.
  •  Mirage supports various formats and platforms for exporting and sharing the designs.
  •  Mirage offers tutorials and showcases to help users learn and get inspired by the possibilities of generative AI.
  •  Mirage is committed to helping creatives realize their most ambitious ideas with machine intelligence.

  •  Mirage requires an access request to use the AI greyboxing feature, which may limit its availability and accessibility.
  •  Mirage may not be able to generate realistic or accurate designs for complex or specific prompts that require domain knowledge or expertise.
  •  Mirage may encounter ethical or legal issues with the ownership and originality of the AI-generated designs.
  •  Mirage may have technical or performance limitations due to the computational complexity and resource demands of generative AI models.
  •  Mirage may face competition or challenges from other similar or emerging platforms that use generative AI for content creation.

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