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Video Generator

Steve.AI is a patented artificial intelligence (AI) tool that enables anyone to create videos and animation. It’s designed to save time for video makers, marketers, and salespeople to create video campaigns faster than ever before.
Freemium Paid
Open Source
Starting at just $15/month

Steve.AI is the only automated video making tool to create Live Action and Animation videos using Text.

This is a fully automated solution that takes care of scripting, editing, and publishing for you to focus on being creative. Say bye bye to endless editing and waiting to be able to finish one video.

You do not need prior video editing skills to produce a video. With Steve AI, anyone can easily create stunning Animation and Live Action videos with the help of AI. All you need is a script and the revolutionary AI generates engaging videos by picking the most contextual assets for the video.

Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or a professional video creator, we offer solutions to help you reach newer heights.

With Steve AI, you get a Blog to Video Maker, Voice to Video Maker, Video Ad Maker, Cartoon Video Maker, Photo to Video Maker, Social Video Maker (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) using scripts in minutes with just a few clicks.

Access to stock and premium unlimited asset libraries with high quality images, videos, music, voice-overs, scripts, animations, and characters.

Instagrammers, YouTubers, Solopreneurs, Freelancers, Startup’s, Small and medium size businesses, Enterprises, and Agencies. This tool is sure to save you hundreds of manual hours and thousands of dollars producing videos.

Steve AI holds two major patents in the area of AI-based Video Making and is built by the makers of Animaker - World’s No. 4 Video Creation and Design Tool by G2.

Sign up today and become a Superstar Video Creator with Steve AI.

  • It is an AI-powered tool that can create live action or animated videos from text in minutes.
  • It has a large library of templates, graphics, videos and music assets that you can use or customize for your videos.
  • It has features like auto-generated scripts, text to video, blog to video, audio to video and super intent that make video creation easy and fast.
  • It has a free plan that allows you to download up to 3 HD-quality videos per month.
  • It may not be suitable for complex or professional video editing needs that require more control and precision.
  • It may not have all the assets or templates that match your specific niche or style.
  • It may require internet connection and cloud storage to use the tool and access your videos.
  • It may have some limitations or bugs in its AI technology that affect the quality or accuracy of the videos.

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