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SuperTranslate.ai is a platform that allows you to add subtitles to videos automatically. It uses OpenAI's Whisper, the world's most accurate speech-to-text engine, to generate subtitles in English for any language video.
Free Freemium
Paid plans start from $10/mo

You can also edit the subtitles intuitively with a fluid subtitle editor that lets you split, merge, and adjust timecodes. SuperTranslate.ai is the fastest and easiest way to subtitle your videos, whether you are a hobbyist, a creator, or a brand. You can get started for free and pay only when you grow. SuperTranslate.ai is the ultimate speech-to-text transcription and translation solution for modern businesses.

  • It offers fast and accurate translation for over 100 languages and domains.
  • It uses state-of-the-art neural machine translation and natural language processing technologies.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface and a free trial for new customers.

  • It may not capture the nuances and cultural context of some languages and expressions.
  • It may not be able to handle complex or specialized texts that require human expertise or intervention.

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