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Swell AI
Swell AI

Swell AI

Audio Editing

Swell AI
Swell AI is a service that helps podcasters create content from their audio and video files. It uses artificial intelligence to write podcast shownotes, transcripts, blog posts and more.
Paid plans start from $29/mo.

 Swell AI can integrate with various platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive and RSS, and can manage multiple podcasts from a single dashboard. Swell AI is trusted by thousands of creators worldwide who have used it to write over 12 million words in 2023. Swell AI is the best AI writer for podcast producers, agencies and networks.

  •  It can save time and money by automating the content creation process for podcasters and video creators.
  •  It can generate detailed summaries, time-stamps, key topics, transcripts and more for each episode or video.
  •  It can integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, RSS and other platforms to manage multiple podcasts or videos from a single dashboard.
  •  It can help improve the SEO and reach of the podcasts or videos by creating high-quality articles that can be published on various platforms.


  •  It may not be able to capture the tone, style and voice of the original podcasters or video creators.
  •  It may not be able to handle complex or niche topics that require domain expertise or human insight.
  •  It may not be able to guarantee the accuracy, originality or quality of the generated articles.
  •  It may not be affordable for some podcasters or video creators who have a limited budget or a small audience.

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