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If you are looking for a way to overcome your Slack and Gmail overload, you might want to check out theGist AI, a tool that uses generative AI to create personalized and concise summaries of your messages. In this blog post, we will introduce you to theGist AI and how it can help you save time and stay on top of your work.
Paid plans start from $5/mo

What is theGist AI?

theGist AI is a tool that integrates with Slack and Gmail and provides you with summaries of your conversations, on demand or scheduled. You can use it to get the gist of any Slack channel or thread, or any email thread, with just one click. theGist AI uses a powerful algorithm that goes over the messages and extracts the main points, actions, and insights for you. You can also customize the length and tone of your summaries according to your preferences.

Why use theGist AI?

theGist AI can help you improve your productivity and efficiency by simplifying information creation and consumption. With theGist AI, you can:

- Filter out the noise and focus on the signals. You don't have to read through hundreds of posts or emails to catch up with your team's important discussions. You can just get the gist of it and decide what needs your attention and what doesn't.
- Cover more channels and topics. You can use theGist AI to summarize channels that you are active in, as well as those that you are not. This way, you can stay informed about what's going on in your organization without spending too much time on Slack or Gmail.
- Save time and energy. You can use theGist AI to create summaries of your own messages or documents, such as reports, proposals, or presentations. This can help you communicate more effectively and concisely with your colleagues or clients.

How to use theGist AI?

theGist AI is easy to use and install. You can sign up for a free trial on their website and connect it with your Slack or Gmail account. Once you do that, you can start using theGist AI commands or buttons to generate summaries of your messages. You can also schedule summaries to be delivered to you at a specific time or frequency. For example, you can get a daily summary of your most important channels every morning.

theGist AI also supports summaries of insights from various bots for Slack, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, HubSpot, etc. You can use theGist AI to get a quick overview of your key metrics and data without leaving Slack.

theGist AI is currently working on launching their Gmail integration soon, so you can also enjoy their summarization features for your emails. You can join their waiting list to get updates on their progress.


theGist AI is a tool that uses generative AI to provide personalized summaries of Slack channels and threads, as well as Gmail threads (coming soon). It can help you overcome your communication clutter and improve your productivity and efficiency by simplifying information creation and consumption. If you are interested in trying out theGist AI, you can sign up for a free trial on their website and see for yourself how it can make your work easier and more enjoyable.

  •  It helps users save time and avoid information overload by filtering out noise and highlighting signals
  •  It simplifies information creation and consumption with just one click
  •  It supports various Slack integrations and bots, and has a Gmail version coming soon
  •  It respects users' privacy and security, and does not store or share any data
  •  It is backed by experienced professionals and investors from Wix, Blizzard, OpenWeb, StageOne, and Aleph


  •  It may not capture all the nuances and details of complex or lengthy conversations
  •  It may not work well with languages other than English or with slang or jargon
  •  It may not be compatible with some email clients or platforms other than Slack and Gmail
  •  It may require users to adjust their communication habits and expectations
  •  It may face competition from other AI-based summarization tools or features

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