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Typewise is a keyboard app that helps you type faster and more accurately on your smartphone. It has a unique hexagon layout that is optimized for the shape and size of your fingers.
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 It also has a powerful text prediction AI that can complete sentences and paragraphs for you, as well as generate responses based on the context of your conversation. Typewise works with any app that requires typing, such as email, chat, social media, etc. It supports over 40 languages and adapts to your vocabulary and tone of voice. Typewise is also privacy-friendly, as it does not collect or sell your personal data. You can use Typewise for free or upgrade to the premium version for more features and customization options. Typewise is available for both Android and iOS devices. If you want to boost your productivity and efficiency while typing on your phone, you should give Typewise a try!

  • It has a hexagonal layout that reduces typos and increases typing speed   .
  • It respects user privacy and does not upload typing data to the cloud  .
  • It supports multiple languages and has helpful predictive text suggestions .
  • It allows customization of themes, fonts, and emoji.
  • It has intuitive gestures for deleting and capitalizing letters .
  • It has a steep learning curve and may frustrate users at first.
  • It is only available on smartphones for now.
  • It is expensive if you need the premium version.

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