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Education Assistant

Unschooler.me is a website that offers personal AI-mentorship for anyone who wants to learn new skills, find their career interests, or explore different professions. It uses a powerful AI engine called GPT-4 to generate personalized video courses, quizzes, and feedback based on your goals and questions. You can also create your own courses and share them with other learners.
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Paid plans start from $20

Unschooler.me is different from other online learning platforms because it does not rely on pre-made courses or lectures. Instead, it adapts to your needs and preferences, and helps you learn at your own pace and style. You can ask any question you have, and the AI-mentor will explain the concepts, show you relevant videos, and give you small tasks to practice. You can also test your skills and get instant feedback from the AI-mentor.

Unschooler.me is suitable for anyone who wants to learn something new, whether it is for personal or professional reasons. You can choose from a variety of topics, such as web design, soft skills, API technology, finance, marketing, English, physics, linguistics, and more. You can also explore different career paths and find out what skills and knowledge you need to succeed in them.

Unschooler.me is a great way to learn without the pressure of grades, deadlines, or exams. You can learn at your own time and place, and have fun along the way. Unschooler.me is not just a website, but a personal AI-mentor that helps you find your new career.


  - It offers a personal AI-mentor that helps you find your new career and learn new skills.

  - It allows you to create your own courses based on your interests and goals.

  - It provides video tutorials, quizzes and feedback for each course.

  - It covers a wide range of topics, such as design, technology, marketing, languages, etc .

  - It is free to try and has affordable pricing plans .


  - It may not have enough courses or mentors for some specific or advanced topics.

  - It may not be accredited or recognized by employers or educational institutions.

  - It may not guarantee the quality or accuracy of the content or feedback provided by the AI-mentor.

  - It may not suit different learning styles or preferences of some users.

  - It may require a stable internet connection and a compatible device to access the website and the courses.

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