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Waverly is a platform that connects language learners with native speakers for personalized and immersive conversations. Whether you want to improve your fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, or grammar, Waverly can help you achieve your goals with live and interactive sessions.
Mobile App

Waverly offers a variety of languages to choose from, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, and more. You can also select the topics that interest you, such as culture, travel, business, hobbies, or current events. Waverly will match you with a suitable partner based on your preferences and availability.

Waverly is more than just a language exchange app. It is a community of passionate and friendly people who share a love for learning and discovering new cultures. You can make new friends, explore different perspectives, and have fun while improving your skills. Waverly also provides feedback and tips to help you progress faster and more effectively.

Waverly is the ultimate way to learn a language online. You can sign up for free and start your first conversation today. Waverly is available on iOS and Android devices, as well as on the web. Join Waverly and discover the joy of speaking a new language.

  •  Waverly offers a personalized and transparent content discovery platform that lets users control their own feed based on their aspirations and interests.
  •  Waverly helps users cut through the noise and find relevant and inspiring information from diverse and specialized sources that they would not find elsewhere .
  •  Waverly enables users to highlight, annotate and summarize articles directly from their mobile device and attach their work to various platforms.

  •  Waverly is still a new and small company with only 1-10 employees, which may limit its scalability and reliability.
  •  Waverly may not cover all the topics and sources that users are interested in, as it only analyzes 10,000 sources, which may not be comprehensive enough for some users.
  •  Waverly may not be compatible with all the devices and platforms that users use, as it is currently only available as a mobile app, which may not suit some users' preferences or needs.

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