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Have you ever wondered how to create music for your projects without spending hours learning an instrument or a software? Or maybe you are a musician who wants to explore new possibilities and styles with the help of artificial intelligence? If so, you might be interested in AIVA, the AI that composes emotional soundtrack music.
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Paid plans start from $11/mo

What is AIVA?

AIVA stands for Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist. It is a creative assistant that helps you compose music in various genres and moods, using advanced algorithms and deep learning. AIVA can generate original music based on preset styles, such as modern cinematic, electronic pop, ambient rock, fantasy jazz, and more. You can also influence AIVA's compositions by selecting some of your favorite artists or tracks as references.

How does AIVA work?

AIVA works by analyzing thousands of musical pieces from different genres and eras, and learning the patterns and rules that make them sound good. Then, it applies these rules to create new melodies, harmonies, and rhythms that match your preferences and needs. AIVA can also adapt its music to different scenarios, such as video games, films, podcasts, commercials, etc.

What are the benefits of using AIVA?

AIVA offers many benefits for anyone who needs music for their projects, whether they are beginners or professionals. Some of these benefits are:

- You can save time and money by creating music in minutes instead of hours or days.
- You can experiment with different styles and moods without being limited by your own skills or knowledge.
- You can own the full copyright of your compositions if you subscribe to the Pro Plan, and monetize them without restrictions.
- You can download your compositions in various formats, such as MP3, MIDI, WAV, etc.
- You can collaborate with other users and share your feedback on AIVA's community platform.

How can you get started with AIVA?

Getting started with AIVA is very easy. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can create an account on AIVA's website (https://www.aiva.ai/) and start composing right away. You can choose from different pricing plans depending on your needs and goals. The Free Plan allows you to use AIVA for non-commercial purposes only, and you have to give credit to AIVA. The Standard Plan allows you to monetize your compositions only on Youtube, Twitch, Tik Tok and Instagram. The Pro Plan allows you to own the copyright of your compositions and monetize them without any limitations.

If you want to learn more about AIVA and how it can help you create amazing music for your projects, you can visit their website or follow them on social media. You can also check out some of their featured compositions and testimonials from satisfied users. AIVA is a powerful and innovative tool that can unleash your creativity and inspire you to make music like never before.

  •  AIVA can help you create original and emotional music for your projects faster than ever before.
  •  AIVA can compose music in various styles and genres, such as cinematic, pop, rock, jazz, etc.
  •  AIVA can learn from your influences and preferences to create personalized music that suits your taste.
  •  AIVA offers different pricing plans for different needs and budgets, from free to pro.
  • AIVA is the first AI to be officially recognized as a composer by SACEM, a French and Luxembourg authors' right society.

  •  AIVA may not be able to capture the nuances and subtleties of human creativity and expression in music.
  •  AIVA may not be able to handle complex musical structures and forms, such as symphonies, operas, etc.
  •  AIVA may not be able to generate music that is original and coherent enough to avoid plagiarism or copyright issues.
  •  AIVA may not be able to satisfy the expectations and demands of professional composers and musicians who have years of experience and expertise in music.
  •  AIVA may not be able to adapt to the changing trends and tastes of the music industry and audience.

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