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If you are interested in web3 and crypto analytics, you might want to check out assisterr.xyz, a web3 analytics tool powered by natural language. Assisterr.xyz is a project by Nick Havryliak, a builder who specializes in AI and web3 tech stack. He is also an alumnus of Cambridge Judge Business School and the Entrepreneur First program.
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Assisterr.xyz allows you to ask and explore data within your community's decentralized network using natural language queries. You can use assisterr.xyz to get valuable insights into your community's activities and interactions, such as token holders, transactions, governance votes, social media engagement, and more. You can also use assisterr.xyz to make more informed decisions, foster better collaboration, and unlock the full potential of your network.

Assisterr.xyz is currently in private beta, but you can join the whitelist for early access. You can also follow assisterr on Twitter at @assisterr or visit their website at https://assisterr.xyz/ to learn more about their innovative AI-powered web3 tool.

  • It provides web3 analytics powered by natural language, which makes it easy to ask and explore data within a decentralized network.
  • It uses state-of-the-art algorithms and machine learning techniques to provide valuable insights into the community's activities and interactions.
  • It aims to make crypto investment accessible and safe to everyone with advanced AI assistance.
  • It is currently in private beta, which means it is not available to the public yet.
  • It may face competition from other web3 and crypto analytics tools in the market.

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