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Block Survey
If you are looking for a survey tool that respects your privacy and data security, you might want to check out BlockSurvey. BlockSurvey is a platform that allows you to create and share forms and surveys that are end-to-end encrypted and anonymous. This means that only you and your respondents can access the data, and no third-party trackers or ads can interfere with your surveys.
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Paid plans start from $25/mo

BlockSurvey is designed for HR professionals who need to collect feedback, opinions, and insights from their employees, customers, or partners. With BlockSurvey, you can create surveys that are branded, customized, and interactive. You can also use features like skip logic, payment integration, email autoresponders, team collaboration, and built-in analytics to enhance your survey experience.

BlockSurvey is easy to use and affordable. You can sign up for free and create unlimited surveys with up to 100 responses per month. You can also upgrade to a paid plan that starts from $8 per month and gives you more features and responses. BlockSurvey also offers a 14-day free trial for you to test out its features before committing.

If you are interested in BlockSurvey, you can visit their website at https://blocksurvey.io/ and learn more about their features, pricing, and testimonials. You can also book a demo or contact their support team if you have any questions or feedback.

BlockSurvey is a privacy-first survey platform that aims to empower you to own your data and protect your respondents' privacy. If you value these principles and want to create surveys that are secure, anonymous, and engaging, give BlockSurvey a try today.

  •  You have full ownership and control over your data
  •  You can increase your completion rates by ensuring your respondents' privacy and creating conversational surveys
  •  You can save time and money by using AI to generate questions

  •  You may need to pay for a premium plan to access some of the advanced features
  •  You may encounter some bugs or glitches as the platform is still evolving
  •  You may have limited options for customizing the design or layout of your surveys

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