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Ever Efficient AI
Ever Efficient AI

Ever Efficient AI


Ever Efficient AI
Ever Efficient AI empowers businesses interested in AI automation to implement customized solutions without technical expertise. The tool provides chatbots, task automation, data integration, and other practical AI applications to optimize workflows.
Starting at $3.5k/month

Ever Efficient AI offers customizable artificial intelligence tools to help businesses with limited technical resources to automate tasks, integrate data systems, and streamline workflows.

The service provides practical AI applications optimized for end users rather than complex technical jargon. Solutions include chatbots to improve customer service, task automation to increase productivity, data integration across multiple platforms, and web scraping tools.

Companies can choose transparent subscription plans to work with AI developers who help implement automation tailored to their needs. The interface allows users to monitor processes through logs and request revisions.

There are no hidden fees – pricing is clearly displayed. Ever Efficient AI focuses on practical AI to help non-technical teams reduce manual work and drive growth through optimized workflows.

The goal is to make AI automation accessible to businesses interested in improving efficiency but unsure how to leverage AI technology on their own.

The process for our development life cycle is

  • First, we'll thoroughly evaluate your workflows, tools, and objectives in a kickoff call. Then we'll create a Trello board to manage the initial project sprints.
  • Every two weeks, we'll meet to review progress, gather feedback, and align on objectives for the next sprint. You'll have full visibility into the Trello board to track status in real-time.
  • During each sprint, our AI developers will build, test, and deploy solutions tailored to your needs, focused on automating repetitive tasks for greater efficiency. We integrate seamlessly with your tech stack and workflows.
  • You provide the data and context, we handle the AI complexity. Our developers continually enhance the solutions through iterative sprints. You own all IP developed.
  • With flexible subscription plans that scale to your needs, you get affordable access to an expert AI development team without the overhead of hiring in-house. We optimize and expand the automation as you grow.
  • Combination of expertise and affordability - sweet spot between DIY and enterprise
  • Bi-weekly sprints provide superior ongoing optimization and support
  • Solutions customized to each clients' specific needs and workflows
  • Trello board: Add as many requests to your board as you'd like. Bi-weekly development schedule
  • Lightning fast delivery: See continuous results every 2 weeks.
  • Fixed monthly rate: No surprises here! Pay the same fixed price each month.
  • Top-notch quality: Insane development quality at your fingertips whenever you need it.
  • Flexible and scalable: Scale up or down as needed, and pause or cancel at anytime.
  • Unique and all yours: Each of your apps is made especially for you and is 100% yours.
  • Very complex unstructured tasks like strategic decision-making
  • Physical automation involving robotics/hardware not provided
  • Subject to quality/availability of client data - garbage in, garbage out

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