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Ghostwrite: ChatGPT Email Assistant is a Chrome extension that helps you write emails faster and easier. It uses ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence system that can generate natural and fluent text from a few words or phrases. With Ghostwrite, you can:
Browser Extension

- Generate full-length emails from short phrases or bullet points
- Write professional sounding emails in your tone and style
- Automatically correct your grammar and spelling errors
- Save and reuse email templates created by AI
- Draft a full-length reply with one click

Ghostwrite is a great tool for anyone who wants to save time and hassle when writing emails. Whether you need to write a formal business email, a friendly follow-up, or a casual message, Ghostwrite can help you do it in seconds. You can also customize your emails by adding more details or personal touches. Ghostwrite is like having a ghostwriter on your side, but better!

  •  It can save you time and effort by generating full-length emails from short phrases or bullets.
  •  It can write professional sounding emails in your tone and correct your grammar and spelling.
  •  It can help you draft replies and follow-ups with one click and let you save and reuse email templates.

  •   It may not always understand your context or intention and produce inaccurate or inappropriate emails.
  •  It may not respect your privacy or data security and share your email content with third parties.
  •  It may not be compatible with all email platforms or browsers and cause technical issues or errors.

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