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Story Teller

If you are looking for a free script writing software that can help you craft compelling screenplays with the help of artificial intelligence, you might want to check out NolanAi. NolanAi is a software that combines the power of GPT-3 technology with the industry standard screenplay format.

It allows you to write your scripts offline, securely, and with ease. Here are some of the features that make NolanAi stand out from other script writing software:

- AI-Copilot: NolanAi can assist you with your writing by providing suggestions, corrections, and feedback. You can ask NolanAi for help with any part of your script, such as dialogue, action, or tone. You can also change your character's accent to make them more authentic and unique.
- Script Smart: NolanAi can automatically format your text into a professional screenplay format. You don't have to worry about the technical details of formatting, such as margins, spacing, or fonts. NolanAi will take care of that for you.
- Per-row script history list: NolanAi can track every edit you make to your script on a row-by-row basis. You can see the history of changes made to each line of your script and compare different versions. This can help you keep track of your progress and revisions.

NolanAi is more than just a script writing software. It's a co-pilot that can help you unleash your creativity and turn your vision into reality. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced screenwriter, NolanAi can help you write better scripts faster and easier. To learn more about NolanAi and how it works, visit their website at .

  • AI-powered editing features and suggestions
  •  Offline-capable and secure
  •  Free version available
  •  Per-row script history list
  •  Character accent customization

  • Limited to script writing only
  •  May not replace human feedback and creativity
  •  May have errors or inconsistencies in AI-generated text
  •  May not support all languages and formats
  •  May require internet connection for some features

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