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Ipso AI: A Smart Way to Schedule Meetings with GPT-3 If you are looking for a way to save time and hassle when scheduling meetings, you might want to check out Ipso AI, an AI-powered email assistant that uses GPT-3 to draft emails for scheduling meetings. Ipso AI is a platform that manages your calendar and composes emails based on your specific preferences. It uses advanced natural language processing technology to understand your input and generate emails that are personalized and relevant.
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How does Ipso AI work?

Ipso AI works by connecting to your calendar and email accounts. You can then use it to schedule meetings with anyone, whether they are your colleagues, clients, or prospects. You can either use Ipso AI's web interface or simply forward an email to ipso@ipso.ai and let it handle the rest. Ipso AI will analyze your input and generate an email that suggests the best time and date for the meeting, based on your availability and preferences. You can also customize the email by adding or editing any details you want. Ipso AI will then send the email to the recipient and wait for their response. If they agree to the suggested time, Ipso AI will automatically create an event on your calendar and send a confirmation email. If they propose a different time, Ipso AI will negotiate with them until a suitable time is found.

What are the benefits of using Ipso AI?

Ipso AI is designed to make your life easier by automating the process of scheduling meetings. Some of the benefits of using Ipso AI are:

- It saves you time and effort by drafting emails for you and managing your calendar.
- It reduces errors and misunderstandings by generating clear and concise emails that match your tone of voice and style.
- It increases your productivity and efficiency by helping you avoid double bookings, missed appointments, and rescheduling issues.
- It improves your relationships and reputation by showing professionalism, courtesy, and responsiveness.

How can you get started with Ipso AI?

Ipso AI is currently in beta testing and is accepting requests for early access. You can sign up for the waitlist on their website https://ipso.ai/ and get notified when they launch. You can also follow them on Twitter @ipso_ai for updates and news.

Ipso AI is a promising tool that leverages the power of GPT-3 to simplify and streamline meeting scheduling. If you are interested in trying out this innovative platform, don't hesitate to join their waitlist and be among the first users to experience it.

  •  Ipso.ai is an AI-powered email assistant that uses GPT-3 to draft emails for scheduling meetings .
  •  Ipso.ai saves users time and increases their productivity by automating the process of scheduling meetings.
  •  Ipso.ai’s machine learning algorithms analyze user input and generate emails that are tailored to the user’s needs and preferences.
  •  Ipso.ai utilizes advanced NLP technology for efficient calendar management.
  •  Ipso.ai quickly finds and books meetings, automates email replies, and customizes reminders.


  •  Ipso.ai is still in beta and requires users to join a waitlist to access the platform.
  •  Ipso.ai may not be compatible with all email providers or calendar applications.
  •  Ipso.ai may not be able to handle complex or ambiguous scheduling scenarios.
  •  Ipso.ai may not be able to capture the user’s tone of voice or personality in the email drafts.
  •  Ipso.ai may pose privacy or security risks if the user’s email or calendar data is compromised or misused.

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