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Email Assistant

PolitePost is a website that uses artificial intelligence to rewrite your emails with a professional and courteous tone. It can help you avoid sounding rude, angry, or inappropriate in your work communication. Whether you are feeling frustrated, confused, or unsure about how to write an email, PolitePost can assist you with a few clicks.
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PolitePost was launched in December 2022 by a software engineer who wanted to create a tool that could improve the quality and tone of email writing. He used OpenAI's GPT Completion and Chat API to power the website, which are advanced natural language processing models that can generate coherent and relevant texts based on a given input.

PolitePost is easy to use and free for everyone. All you have to do is go to https://politepost.net/ and write your email in the text box provided on the website. It can be a quick and rough email, or even a lengthy and formal one. Once you've written your email, simply click on the "Fix Email" button and let PolitePost do its magic. It will rewrite your email with a polite and professional tone, while preserving the main message and intent. You can then copy and paste the rewritten email to your email client and send it with confidence.

PolitePost is not only a useful tool for improving your email writing skills, but also a transparent and ethical one. The website does not store or cache any of your data, and it acts as a middleman between your computer and OpenAI's API. It also filters out some obvious hate messages and limits the length of your submissions to keep the costs low and ensure fair access for everyone. Moreover, PolitePost offers an opt-out option for those who are concerned about OpenAI's data collection practices.

PolitePost is a revolutionary website that can help you communicate more effectively and politely in your professional setting. It can save you time, energy, and embarrassment by rewriting your emails with AI. If you want to try it out for yourself, visit https://politepost.net/ today and see how it can transform your email writing experience.

  •  It can help you write more courteous, polite and professional emails with the help of AI.
  •  It can save you time and effort by rewriting your rough drafts into polished messages.
  •  It can improve your communication skills and reputation by avoiding rude, aggressive or inappropriate language.
  •  It can offer you different options of AI models, including the latest GPT-4, to suit your preferences and needs.
  •  It can provide you with transparency about its costs, privacy and data practices.
  • It can be expensive to use the higher-end AI models, especially GPT-4, which costs 15 times more than the standard model.
  •  It can be unreliable or inaccurate in some cases, as AI is not perfect and may produce errors or inconsistencies.
  •  It can be dependent on OpenAI's APIs, which may have limitations, changes or outages that affect the service quality.
  •  It can be unethical or risky to use AI to rewrite your emails without disclosing it to your recipients or getting their consent.
  •  It can be detrimental to your creativity and authenticity by relying too much on AI to write your emails for you.

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