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Addy AI
If you are looking for a way to write emails faster and better, you might want to check out Addy AI, an AI email assistant that can draft your emails in seconds. Addy AI is a Chrome extension that uses OpenAI technology to generate email drafts based on the conversation context and your preferred tone and style.
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Here are some of the features and benefits of using Addy AI:

- You can choose from a variety of tones, such as formal, friendly, casual, or humorous, to suit your needs and audience. You can also set a default tone that Addy AI will remember for your next email.
- You can avoid writer's block and save time by letting Addy AI draft your emails for you. All you need to do is provide some keywords or a sentence to start with, and Addy AI will do the rest.
- You can edit and customize your email drafts as you wish. Addy AI will not send your emails without your confirmation, so you have full control over the final output.
- You can use Addy AI for any type of email, whether it is for business, personal, or academic purposes. Addy AI can handle different scenarios and topics, such as requesting information, giving feedback, making appointments, or sending invitations.

Addy AI is currently in beta and available for Chrome and Outlook users. You can download the extension for free from their website or the Chrome Web Store. You can also join their Discord community to provide feedback and suggest features. If you want to write emails 10x faster with AI, give Addy AI a try today!

  •  Addy AI can help you write emails faster and better with AI.
  •  Addy AI can customize your emails to suit your needs and preferences, such as tone, style, and format.
  •  Addy AI can also summarize long emails, extract action plans, and suggest responses for you.
  •  Addy AI works on Gmail and Outlook, and is compatible with Chrome browser.
  •  Addy AI is free to use during the beta phase.

  • Addy AI may not always generate accurate or appropriate emails, depending on the context and the quality of the AI model.
  •  Addy AI may not be able to handle complex or sensitive email scenarios, such as legal, medical, or personal matters.
  •  Addy AI may pose privacy and security risks, as it requires access to your email account and data.
  •  Addy AI may not support other email platforms or browsers, limiting its usability and reach.
  •  Addy AI may charge a fee or subscription after the beta phase ends.

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