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Knowmax is a product of KocharTech, a company with over 4000 contact center professionals who have extensive experience in delivering managed services to leading brands in various sectors such as telecom, banking, e-commerce, and utilities. Knowmax was born out of their insights and expertise in solving customer service challenges with effective knowledge management.
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If you are looking for a way to improve your customer experience across multiple channels, you might want to check out Knowmax, an omnichannel knowledge management platform that helps you create, share, and deliver relevant and actionable knowledge to your customers and agents.

Knowmax offers a range of features and benefits that can help you elevate your customer service and satisfaction levels. Some of them are:

- A single source of truth: Knowmax allows you to create and maintain a centralized knowledge base that can be accessed by your agents and customers across different touchpoints, such as contact center, field, retail, website, mobile app, and chatbots. You can also integrate Knowmax with your existing CRM or ticketing system to ensure seamless knowledge delivery.
- A google-like search engine: Knowmax enables you to find the right information quickly and easily with its advanced search capabilities. You can use natural language queries, filters, synonyms, and keywords to locate the most relevant knowledge articles for any scenario.
- Interactive decision trees: Knowmax helps you simplify complex processes and scenarios into simple, step-by-step guides that can be followed by your agents or customers. You can create these guides with a no-code drag-and-drop interface and embed them into your CRM or chatbot for faster and personalized resolutions.
- Visual how-to guides: Knowmax allows you to create and share visual guides that can explain how to solve any problem or perform any task with clear images and annotations. You can also convert these guides into video format and distribute them to your self-service channels for enhanced customer engagement.
- Self-help guides: Knowmax enables you to empower your customers with self-service options that can reduce their dependence on your agents and increase their satisfaction. You can use Knowmax's omnichannel-ready knowledge base to create self-help guides that can be accessed by your customers on any device or platform.
- Learning management system: Knowmax helps you train your agents better and faster with a comprehensive learning management system that can provide them with process guides, documentation, assessments, and feedback. You can also track their progress and performance with analytics and reports.
- Chrome extension: Knowmax makes it easy for your agents to handle multiple chats simultaneously with its chrome extension feature. You can open multiple tabs as needed and track customer names and IDs from your CRM to respective chat windows.

Knowmax is trusted by many global enterprises who have witnessed significant improvements in their customer service metrics after using it. Some of the results they have achieved are:

- 28% higher customer satisfaction
- 12% increase in first call resolution
- 30% reduction in average hold time
- 40% reduction in support cost

If you want to learn more about Knowmax and how it can help you transform your customer experience, you can visit their website at https://knowmax.ai/ or request a demo from their experts.

  • It helps create a single source of truth for organization-wide knowledge and reduces siloed information .
  • It enables faster and personalized resolutions for customers by creating interactive workflows and visual guides  .
  • It improves customer engagement and self-service by distributing knowledge to all digital channels, such as chatbots, websites, and mobile apps  .
  • It reduces training costs and learning curves for agents by providing them with easy access to relevant knowledge anytime, anywhere  .
  • It delivers a high return on investment by improving call quality, first call resolution, chatbot interactions, and reducing support costs  .
  • It may require some technical skills and integration efforts to set up and customize the platform according to the specific needs of the organization .
  • It may not be compatible with some legacy systems or tools that the organization uses for customer service .
  • It may have some limitations in terms of scalability, security, or customization depending on the pricing plan and features chosen by the organization .
  • It may need constant updating and maintenance to ensure that the knowledge base is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date .
  • It may face some challenges in terms of user adoption, feedback, or collaboration among different teams or departments that use the platform .

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