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Textomap is a website that lets you create interactive maps from text. You can use it for different purposes, such as content creation, travel planning, education, news, and more. You can also use an AI assistant to generate maps from questions or prompts.
Browser Extension

Textomap has some features that make it easy and fast to use:

- You can create and edit maps on your mobile browser, without needing a laptop or an app.
- You can save your maps and share them with others through links or embed codes.
- You can use a Chrome extension to view locations on a map as you read any text on the web.
- You can add photos and Wikipedia pages to your map automatically.
- You can use different languages, such as English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, etc.

Textomap is a great tool for anyone who wants to turn text into interactive maps in seconds.

  • It can help you visualize and organize your ideas, notes, or research
  • It can help you find connections and patterns among different texts
  • It can help you create and share engaging presentations or reports

  • It may not work well with very long or complex texts
  • It may not detect plagiarism or citation errors in your texts
  • It may require a Pro plan to access all features and avoid ads

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