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Code Assistant

What The Diff is a new product that aims to make code review easier and faster by using artificial intelligence. It is a GitHub app that analyzes the changes of your pull requests and generates a summary of the changes in plain English. It also offers a code refactoring feature that allows you to suggest changes to the code with a simple comment and accept them with a single click.
Paid plans start from $19/mo

What The Diff can help you save time and improve the quality of your code reviews by:

- Giving you an instant overview of what and why the changes were made
- Reducing the back and forth between the reviewer and the author
- Automating minor changes that could be done automatically
- Supporting nearly all programming languages
- Sending you weekly notifications of all the changes in your repositories

What The Diff is easy to use and configure. You can install it for free and try it on one of your repositories. You can also choose which repositories should be active, which files should be included or excluded, and when and how it should analyze your pull requests. You can also generate comments on-demand by using shortcodes in your pull request description.

What The Diff is a product by Beyond Code, a company that creates tools and services for developers. They have been featured by tech’s most respected publications and have helped countless teams to improve their code review and continuous integration process.

If you are interested in learning more about What The Diff, you can visit their website at https://whatthediff.ai/ or follow them on Twitter at @whatthediffai.

  •  It can save time and effort for developers by generating summaries of pull requests in plain English.
  •  It can improve code quality and readability by suggesting automatic refactoring changes with a single comment.
  •  It can support nearly all programming languages and integrate with GitHub and GitLab.
  •  It can add some fun and creativity to the code review process by generating jokes and poems related to the pull request.
  •  It can help developers stay updated with the latest changes in their repositories by sending weekly Slack notifications.


  •  It can consume a lot of tokens for processing large or frequent pull requests, which may increase the cost of using the service.
  •  It may not always generate accurate or relevant descriptions, jokes or poems, depending on the quality of the AI model and the context of the code changes.
  •  It may not be able to handle complex or ambiguous code changes that require human understanding and reasoning.
  •  It may not be compatible with self-hosted GitLab instances or other code hosting platforms.
  •  It may pose some security or privacy risks by accessing the full code of the repositories, even though it claims not to store it.

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