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Dream Up (Deviant Art)
Dream Up (Deviant Art)

Dream Up (Deviant Art)


Dream Up (Deviant Art)
DreamUp: A Platform for Space-Based Education Have you ever dreamed of sending your own experiment to space? Do you want to learn more about the wonders of microgravity and its effects on living and non-living things? If you answered yes, then you might be interested in DreamUp, a platform that offers space-based educational activities for learners of all ages.
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DreamUp is a spin-off and sister company of Nanoracks, a private company that develops products and offers services for the commercial utilization of space. DreamUp aims to provide in-space opportunities to non-professionals who have never had access to space before - students, teachers, and learners worldwide. DreamUp has launched over 500 educational projects to the International Space Station (ISS), spanning more than 44 U.S. states and 16 countries.

DreamUp provides access to various facilities on the ISS, such as Nanoracks Mixstix, Nanoracks Microscopes Facility, Nanoracks Centrifuge, and Nanoracks Nanolab Platforms. These facilities allow users to conduct experiments on topics such as plant growth, crystal formation, cell culture, fluid dynamics, and more. Users can also participate in the myLAUNCH experience, a launch viewing event organized in collaboration with NASA and Nanoracks for missions to the ISS via SpaceX, Northrop Grumman, and other launch providers.

DreamUp also offers online services such as experiment kits, curriculum materials, career development events, and webinars. Users can access these resources through the DreamUp portal, where they can also track their experiments and communicate with other users. DreamUp also partners with DeviantArt to create DreamUp, an AI-powered image generator that lets users create any image they can imagine with the power of artificial intelligence.

DreamUp is more than just a platform for space-based education. It is a community of dreamers who share a passion for exploration and discovery. DreamUp believes that innovation and technological advancement can stem from any small team that is big on ideas but lacks access to space transport. By bringing the magic of space into the classroom, DreamUp hopes to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, artists, and explorers.

If you want to learn more about DreamUp and how you can join their community, visit their website at https://www.dreamup.com/ or follow them on social media @dreamup_space.

  •  It allows users to create AI-generated art with the power of artificial intelligence.
  •  It gives users control over how their art can be used and whether they want to contribute to AI models and datasets.
  •  It provides users with high-resolution images and variations to achieve their vision.
  •  It is integrated with DeviantArt, a popular online community for artists and art enthusiasts.
  •  It offers users 5 free prompts to try out the service.


  •  It requires users to have a DeviantArt account and a subscription plan to access more prompts.
  •  It may raise ethical and legal issues regarding the ownership and originality of AI-generated art.
  •  It may not guarantee the quality and diversity of the generated images, as they depend on the input prompt and the underlying AI model.
  •  It may not reflect the user's personal style and creativity, as it relies on existing data and algorithms.
  •  It may not be suitable for all types of art, as it is limited by the capabilities and constraints of the AI technology.

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