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GooseAI is a platform that makes it easy and affordable to use natural language processing (NLP) services for building products based on large language models. NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with understanding and generating natural language, such as text or speech. GooseAI provides a fully managed inference service delivered via API, which means you can access and use various NLP models without having to install, configure, or maintain them yourself. You only need to create an account, generate a secret key, and make requests to the GooseAI API with your desired parameters.
starts from $$0.000035/per request

Some of the features that GooseAI offers are:

- Completions: This feature allows you to generate text predictions based on a given prompt. For example, you can input a sentence or a paragraph and get a coherent continuation of the text. You can also adjust the temperature, output length, top-k sampling, tail-free sampling, top-p sampling, presence penalty, and frequency penalty parameters to control the quality and diversity of the generated text.
- Models: GooseAI offers out-of-the-box open source model endpoints that are ready to use. Models can vary in the type and size of the data they were trained on, and they can have different strengths and weaknesses for different use cases. You can test different models in the GooseAI Playground or in your product to find the best fit for your needs.

GooseAI claims to offer the industry's best economics for NLP services, with prices that are 30% lower than other well-known APIs. You can check their pricing plans here. If you want to learn more about GooseAI, you can visit their website or read their documentation.

  • It offers fully managed NLP-as-a-Service delivered via API, which can save time and resources for developers and users.
  • It claims to provide 30% lower cost than other similar services, which can be attractive for budget-conscious customers.
  • It supports various open source language models, such as GPT-Neo, GPT-J, Fairseq, and GPT-NeoX, which can offer a range of options and capabilities for different use cases.

  • It is still a relatively new service, which may have some bugs, limitations, or compatibility issues with other platforms or tools.
  • It currently only covers text completion/generation as a use case, which may not meet the needs of customers who require other NLP tasks, such as question/answer or classification.

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