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OSS Insight
If you are interested in exploring GitHub data with natural language queries, you might want to check out OSS Insight. OSS Insight is a website that lets you discover insights in GitHub event data with AI-generated SQL. You can ask questions like "Which country has the hardest working developers?" or "What are the top python projects in 2022?" and get visualized results in seconds.

OSS Insight also provides real-time and historical insights into various technical fields, such as open source databases and programming languages. You can see the trends and rankings of repositories, developers, organizations, and languages on GitHub. You can also compare different items and see how they perform over time.

OSS Insight is powered by Chat2Query, an AI-powered SQL generator in TiDB Cloud. TiDB Cloud is a fully managed cloud service for TiDB, an open source distributed SQL database. Chat2Query allows you to explore any dataset with natural language, without writing any SQL or plotting skills.

OSS Insight is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn more about the open source community and the GitHub ecosystem. You can find out what's happening on GitHub now, what's popular and trending, and what's the future of open source software.

  •  It allows users to discover insights in GitHub event data with AI-generated SQL
  •  It supports natural language input and visualizes the results
  •  It covers various topics such as developers, repositories, languages, organizations, trends, and rankings
  •  It provides real-time and historical data analysis
  •  It offers curated collections of insights for different technical fields

  •  It may not understand complex or vague questions
  •  It may not produce the most efficient SQL statement for large and complex queries
  •  It may have service instability sometimes
  •  It only works with GitHub data and does not support other sources
  •  It may not have the latest or complete data due to GitHub API limitations

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