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Prodia is a company that creates AI art and music using various technologies. It has a website (https://prodia.com/) where you can learn more about its products and services, as well as a GitHub account (https://github.com/prodialabs) where you can see some of its open source projects.
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- multiqueue: A Redis queue for Deno that supports atomic first-in-first-out operations.
- ryzvision-node-prodia: A Node.js module that integrates with Prodia's API for generating realistic images from text descriptions.
- glasgow: A Deno-based image-resizing service that works with IPFS, a decentralized file system.
- github-seo-tracker: A Python script that tracks the ranking of GitHub repositories for a given keyword in GitHub search.

Prodia aims to make AI art and music accessible and enjoyable for everyone. It also values open source and collaboration, as shown by its involvement in various projects and communities. If you are interested in AI art and music, you might want to check out Prodia's website and GitHub account.

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