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Uberduck is a website that lets you make music and voiceovers with artificial intelligence (AI) voices. You can choose from over 5,000 different voices, including celebrities, singers, rappers, and even your own voice clone. You can also use Uberduck's APIs to build your own audio apps in minutes.
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Uberduck also works with other companies to create personalized and engaging media for their users. For instance, Uberduck helped Yotta, a banking app, create 150,000 rap songs with lyric videos for their users' end-of-year wrap-up. The users loved their raps and shared them on social media, which boosted Yotta's brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Uberduck is constantly developing new features and voices for its users. If you want to join the Uberduck community and explore the possibilities of AI audio and voice, you can sign up for their waitlist and get early access to their new releases.

  • You can choose from many different voices and styles of music.
  • You can create your own custom voice clone and sound like anyone you want.
  • You can have fun and express yourself creatively with audio and voice.

  • You cannot use the voices commercially without permission from the owners.
  • You may encounter some errors or glitches in the synthesis process.
  • You may have ethical or legal issues with using someone else's voice without consent.

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