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Bifrost is a software development tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert Figma designs into React code. Figma is a popular design platform that allows users to create and collaborate on digital products. React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
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Bifrost, you can save time and effort by generating clean and reusable code from your Figma designs. You can also update your code easily by pulling new changes from Figma with one click. Bifrost helps you bridge the gap between design and development, and empowers your designers to make changes without relying on engineers.

Bifrost is built on the same technology that powers GitHub Copilot, a code suggestion tool that learns from your code style. Bifrost generates code that matches your preferences and best practices. You can review and edit the code in Visual Studio Code, a popular code editor.

Bifrost offers different pricing plans for different needs. You can choose from the Community plan, which is free forever and gives you 100 generations per day and 2 linked Figma files; the Professional plan, which is flexible and billed annually or month-to-month for a premium; or the Enterprise plan, which is customized for large organizations.

Bifrost is currently in alpha stage and accepting early access requests. You can join the waitlist by visiting their website or their LinkedIn page. You can also join their community discord server to get support and feedback.

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