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G3DAI {Jedi}
G3D.AI is a company that develops artificial intelligence (AI) tools for game creation. It aims to enable game creators to build beautiful, novel games in a fraction of the time by using natural language prompts. G3D.AI offers three main features: 3D asset creation, level design, and gameplay mechanics.
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3D asset creation is the process of making 3D models, textures, and animations for games. G3D.AI allows game creators to generate optimized 3D assets that match their art direction by simply typing what they want. For example, they can type "a medieval castle with towers and flags" and get a 3D model of a castle that they can customize and use in their game.

Level design is the process of creating the layout, environment, and challenges of a game level. G3D.AI enables game creators to generate unique levels from text prompts that describe their desired theme, genre, mood, and difficulty. For example, they can type "a dark forest with zombies and traps" and get a level that they can edit and play.

Gameplay mechanics are the rules and systems that define how a game works and how players interact with it. G3D.AI can generate gameplay mechanics based on the game creators' needs by using natural language commands. For example, they can type "make the zombies chase the player and explode when they die" and get a script that implements this mechanic in their game.

G3D.AI is currently in development and has a waitlist for interested game creators who want to try it out. It promises to be a powerful and innovative tool that can revolutionize the game industry by unleashing the creativity and productivity of game developers.

  •  It can save time and money by automating 3D asset creation, level design, and gameplay mechanics generation    .
  •  It can produce unique and novel results based on text prompts   .
  •  It can match the art direction and style of the game creator  .
  •  It may not be able to handle complex or specific requests that require human creativity or expertise.
  •  It may have bugs or errors that affect the quality or functionality of the generated assets or mechanics.

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