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Genei is a tool that helps you research faster and smarter. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze and summarize online articles, documents and PDFs.
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Paid plans start from $3.99/mo

You can use Genei to find the most relevant information for your topic, create notes and citations, and generate outlines and summaries. Genei can also help you avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing the sources and checking for similarity. Genei is designed to save you time and effort when doing research, whether you are a student, a teacher, a writer, or a professional.

  •   Genei.io is a tool that can help you research faster by summarizing articles and finding answers to your questions.
  •  Genei.io can also help you organize your documents, notes, and citations in one place.
  •  Genei.io uses AI to paraphrase complex ideas and extract keywords from your sources.
  •  Genei.io has a chrome extension that lets you save and summarize webpages as you browse.
  •  Genei.io has different plans and pricing options to suit your needs and budget.


  •  Genei.io may not be able to summarize or answer everything accurately, so you still need to check the original sources for quality and reliability.
  •  Genei.io may not work well with some types of documents, such as images, graphs, or tables.
  •  Genei.io may not support all the languages or formats that you need for your research.
  •  Genei.io may have some technical issues or bugs that affect its performance or usability.
  •  Genei.io may have some privacy or security risks when you upload or share your data with it.

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