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Email Assistant

An AI email newsletter tool that automatically curates content for each and every individual on your email list.
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The rasa.io platform is an AI email newsletter tool that helps businesses increase engagement, renewals, ad revenue, members, sales, and leads from their email lists. Using advanced AI, it automated the newsletter creation and curation process by automatically selecting content for your readers.

Key Features:
- Advanced personalization features: each newsletter is customized for individual subscribers based on their interests and interactions. 
- Complete control over your newsletter space: users have control over the content featured in their newsletters and can choose to include select articles or advertisements. 
- Advanced Analytics: rasa.io provides valuable data and insights, allowing users to track open and click rates, monitor AI-recommended content, and integrate with analytics 

  • Hands-off Email Marketing: Automates the newsletter creation process saving you time, energy, and money; so you can focus on other important things.
  • Automatic Personalization: With our hyper-personalized AI tool, you can share a newsletter completely custom to each one of your subscribers. 
  • Full Control of Your Newsletter: Select the content that you need to want your readers to see, such as your own blog posts, announcements, webinars, and anything you want everyone to read.
  • Easy To Use: Intuitive email newsletter platform so you can begin immediately sharing content your readers will love.
  • Training Required: Requires time for the AI to begin learning your reader's content preferences and tastes.
  • Slow Loading Time: Load time can occasionally lag a little for the site if there is a huge amount of content being pulled.

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