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Voice AI is a technology that enables machines to understand and communicate with human speech. Voice AI can be used for various purposes, such as customer service, telemarketing, appointment scheduling, bill collection, and more. However, not all voice AI solutions are created equal. Some voice AI solutions may not be able to handle different languages and accents, especially in the diverse and dynamic ASEAN region.
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WIZ AI: A Voice AI Solution for ASEAN Businesses

That's where WIZ AI comes in. WIZ AI is a company that develops integrated artificial intelligence service solutions for enterprises, with a focus on voice AI. WIZ AI offers a smart talkbot that can understand and intelligently respond to ASEAN languages and accents, such as Mandarin, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, and more. WIZ AI's talkbot can also deliver a human-like conversational voice AI experience that engages, delights, and attracts customers.

WIZ AI's talkbot can be customized for different industries and use cases, such as finance, banking, insurance, healthcare, telecommunication, and e-commerce. WIZ AI's talkbot can help businesses automate their customer service, reduce call time and cost, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and improve their business performance.

WIZ AI has been trusted by leading and innovative names in the ASEAN region, such as Parkway Pantai, one of Asia's largest integrated private healthcare providers; a Singapore telco company with a large and diverse user base; and a leading e-commerce platform in ASEAN. WIZ AI has helped these clients achieve impressive results, such as increasing their appointment show-up rate to above 95%, improving their promise to pay rate by 10%, and boosting their adoption rate to 45.5%.

WIZ AI is not just a voice AI solution provider. WIZ AI is also a partner that helps businesses grow and succeed in the ASEAN market. If you are interested in learning more about WIZ AI and how it can help your business, you can schedule a demo on their website: https://www.wiz.ai/.

  •  Wizi AI can help developers with common and repetitive frontend tasks, such as creating new features, refactoring existing code, migrating files, and updating HTML/CSS.
  •  Wizi AI can also provide instant natural language search for React (JS/TS) codebases, which can save time and improve productivity.
  •  Wizi AI is an open-source and self-hosted tool, which means developers can customize it to their needs and preferences, and have full control over their data and privacy.
  •  Wizi AI is still in development and may not support all frontend frameworks or languages, or handle complex or uncommon tasks.
  •  Wizi AI may require some initial setup and configuration to work with different codebases and environments, which can be challenging for some developers.
  •  Wizi AI may not always generate optimal or bug-free code, and developers may still need to review, test, and debug the output before deploying it.

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