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Email Assistant

If you are a busy professional who needs to write a lot of emails every day, you might find it hard to keep up with the demand and maintain a high quality of communication. You might also struggle with writer's block, repetitive tasks, or finding the right tone for different situations. That's why you might want to try Scribbly, an AI-powered email writing assistant that can help you write emails faster and better.
Browser Extension
Paid plans start from $4.99/mo

Scribbly is a Chrome extension that works with Gmail. It analyzes the text of the email you want to reply to and provides you with personalized and contextually accurate response suggestions. You can choose from different options that best represent how you want to respond to the email, such as "Thank", "Apologize", "Confirm", "Ask", etc. Scribbly will then draft an email response for you based on your selected intention. You can edit and polish the suggested response and send it off.

Scribbly can also help you write emails from scratch. You just need to provide some basic context, such as the recipient's name, the purpose of the email, and any other relevant information. Scribbly will then generate an entire email for you that sounds professional and natural. You can also adjust the tone of the email based on the context, such as "Formal", "Casual", "Friendly", etc.

Scribbly is designed for professional email writing and focuses on creating top-quality outputs that match your style and voice. It can help you streamline your email tasks, elevate your communication, make better decisions, and say goodbye to writer's block. It can also save you time and energy that you can use for other important things.

If you want to try Scribbly for free, you can download the Chrome extension from their website. You will get 10 credits per day to use Scribbly's AI features. You can also upgrade to a premium plan for unlimited credits and more benefits.

Scribbly is a great tool for anyone who wants to improve their email writing skills and productivity. It can help you write emails 10x faster with AI-powered content suggestions that are context-specific, professionally written, and sound just like you.

  • It can help you write emails faster and more efficiently by providing context-specific and personalized suggestions .
  • It can handle repetitive email tasks and respond to commonly asked questions .
  • It can adjust the tone of your emails based on the context and your intention .
  • It can write entire emails for you from scratch if you provide some basic information .
  • It is easy to use and integrates with Gmail as a Chrome extension .
  •  It is not a free service and requires credits to use .
  • It may not always produce accurate or appropriate responses depending on the complexity of the email .
  • It may not capture your personal style or voice as well as you would like .
  • It may not work with other email platforms or browsers besides Gmail and Chrome .
  • It may raise privacy or security concerns as it accesses your email data .

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