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Daft Art

Daft Art


Daft Art
Daft Art is a platform that helps you create beautiful and unique album covers with the help of artificial intelligence
starts from $29

. You can choose from different aesthetics, customize your cover with a simple editor, and download it in high resolution. Daft Art is designed for musicians, producers, bands, podcasters, and artists who want to express their creativity and style through their cover art. Whether you need a cover for your single, album, EP, or podcast, Daft Art can help you make it in minutes. Daft Art is currently in beta release, which means you can try it for free and give feedback to improve it. If you want to create the album cover of your dreams, visit daftart.ai and start creating now!

  • It is a fast and easy way to create album covers with AI and curated aesthetics .
  • It allows you to customize your cover with a simple editor and add your album title and artist name .
  • It provides high resolution and release-ready covers that can be uploaded to all distribution and streaming platforms .
  • It is not free to use and costs $10 per month.
  • It may not offer enough variety or originality for some artists who want more control over their cover design.

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