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Email Assistant

eCold.ai is a tool that helps you write personalized cold emails in bulk using artificial intelligence. It can save you time and increase your reply rates by crafting unique messages for each prospect based on their LinkedIn profile. Here are some features and benefits of using eCold.ai:
Browser Extension
Paid plans start from $39/mo

- It works with any cold email tool that supports custom variables, such as Lemlist, Mailshake, or Quickmail.
- It only needs your prospect's LinkedIn URL to generate personalized lines or full emails for them.
- It offers flexible pricing plans based on your needs. You can buy credits that do not expire or subscribe to a monthly plan that allows rollover of unused credits.
- It is fast and easy to use. You can upload your prospect list as a CSV file or paste a LinkedIn URL and get your personalized lines in seconds.

If you want to take your cold emailing to the next level, you can start for free with 20 credits and see how eCold.ai can help you get more responses and conversions.

  •   It can save time and effort by automating the personalization process
  •  It can increase the reply rate and conversion rate by making the emails more relevant and engaging
  •  It can integrate with popular cold email tools such as Lemlist, Mailshake, and Quickmail
  •  It offers flexible pricing plans with single-purchase or monthly credits that do not expire or rollover
  •  It provides a free trial with 20 credits to test the service

  •  It requires a LinkedIn URL for each prospect, which may not be available or accurate for some lead
  •  It may generate similar or generic lines for prospects with similar profiles or backgrounds
  •  It may not capture the tone, style, or voice of the sender or the brand
  •  It may not account for cultural, linguistic, or ethical differences among prospects
  •  It may not comply with the privacy or data protection laws of some countries or regions

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