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If you are looking for a way to generate high quality email lists from Twitter followers, you might want to check out Stride. Stride is a service that uses advanced AI to scan and capture email addresses from the profiles of people who follow a specific account on Twitter. You can use Stride to build email lists from your own followers, your competitors' followers, or any other account that has a relevant audience for your niche.
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Stride offers two tools for email list generation: the Scanner Tool and the List Builder. The Scanner Tool allows you to scan unlimited emails from new followers in real-time, while the List Builder lets you build instant email lists from current followers. Both tools deliver the email lists in CSV format, which you can easily import into your favorite email marketing platform.

Stride claims that its email lists are of high quality, fresh, and affordable. They also provide email marketing guides on their blog, as well as full support and mentorship for their clients. Stride says that its email lists can be used for various purposes, such as ecommerce, ad campaign growth, lead generation, and more.

If you are interested in learning more about Stride and how it can help you grow your business with email marketing, you can visit their website at https://stride.la/ and see some examples of their email lists. You can also purchase a list or sign up for their scanner tool on their website.

  •  It uses advanced AI software to generate high quality email lists from Twitter followers.
  •  It offers unlimited emails, regular updates, and affordable prices.
  •  It can help boost ecommerce sales and ad campaign growth by sending targeted promotions and deals.

  •  It may not comply with data protection laws or ethical standards of email marketing.
  •  It may include irrelevant or outdated leads from current or older followers.
  •  It may face legal issues or competition from other similar services .

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